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About Us
I began making clothes for Samantha, my granddaughter’s doll, about five years ago.  When I examined the lovely doll clothes my grandmother made by my grandmother, and saw the care she took and the quality of the fabrics she used, I was inspired to create something as lovely for my granddaughter.  How wonderful that these clothes are still in good shape after so many years! I am a quilter and obsessive about my quilting techniques and I was determined to create spectacular clothes for Woody’s doll!

Christmas that year was a huge success and I had found a new obsession ~ designing and producing doll clothes.  Over the past years I have found much pleasure in creating these doll clothes that are so loved by many girls, their mothers and grandmothers.  My hope is that the dresses and other things I make will be loved and passed down to another generation of doll lovers.  I think you will be thrilled with what you see on the Ellie’s Doll Clothes site!
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